Rick Sebeck is an award winning director and visual effects technical director.  Blending his background in theatrical performance and filmmaking technology, he is always pushing the boundaries of what can be done.   Driven by character, intention and emotion he constantly finds ways to shift the audience’s perspective and look at things from a different point of view.  

Blending classical techniques like stop animation, puppetry, and lighting with state of the art technology, automation and projection mapping Rick approaches every visual effect from a practical side first.  Then enhancing the shot with digital CGI animation, 2D  and 3D compositing, and visual FX. 

Rick has helped created magic for feature films, television and brands such as IBM, xFinity, Arbys, Ebay, Apple, RiteAid, Papa Johns, WellsFargo, and P90X.  Most recently, Rick has won several awards for his work as the CGI technical director for the large scale environmental live event show opener for Adobe Max and Adobe Summit,  as well as awards for the special effects in the Philadelphia Flyers Santa Sacks commercial.