Beautiful Lens


Beautiful Lens

Adobe and PIX PRODUCTIONS asked PDS to create a brand film for their last major virtual conference in 2022. The show featured celebrity artists and some of the best artistic talent from across the globe, as well as some influential business marketing leaders giving insights into how big brands are run. Our task was to create an opening film as well as a graphics package to be used across the broadcast. 

Adobe Summit centers around data analytics and the Experience Cloud, offering insights and finding exciting ways to connect with audiences. Our film was meant to abstractly show how insights can be found by peering through the Adobe lens, revealing the hidden beauty and ideas beyond what your eyes can normally see. 


Our design process for this was fun, building first the geometry of the environments and playfully layered mechanical shapes which were unfolding and peeling throughout the scenes, everything always in moments of evolution and motion. We then did several texture and material passes of the scenes, sometimes drastically different and sometimes just changing one small detail. This allowed us to move the glass lenses around the room and choose from a variety of different looks to blend together into the final shot. The result was super playful and we love how it turned out! 




Production Company:

PIX Productions

Adobe Head of Events:

Nicole Williams

Adobe Executive Creative Director:

Joe Buchwald

Executive Creative Director:

James Kern

Creative Director:

Stephen Gifford

Motion Studio:

Pretty Damn Sweet

Design and Animation:

Alex Trimpe
Damir Morpurgo
Alan Kichl
Rory McLean

Additional art provided by Adobe Studios