You Think You Know Us


You Think You Know Us

Hype / Pump-Up video to kick off the Overwatch League esports season for the Philly Fusion.

Esports is wildly uncharted territory when it comes to media creation. Compared to traditional sports, esports teams are more willing to push boundaries and make bolder content and as a result you get more access to top players who are excited to be a part of the process. That was our experience working with the Overwatch League for several years, creating a wealth of content for their Fusion team. From start of season hype and roster reveals to the Grand Finals anthem films, PDS worked closely with the teams and the players to get to the heart of the sport.

Our motion design work aimed to capture the underlying fire of the players, who on the surface look very quiet and calm. But once the game starts, if you look closely, you see the intensity of any major athlete. Their eyes fluttering to follow the action. Their brains working wildly to compute dozens of moves in a split second. These are mathelets playing realtime chess while dodging gunfire whizzing by their ear. We felt the overdrawing sketch designs reflected these hidden undercurrents, showing what’s felt under the surface and conveying there’s more than meets the eye with this group. 

Our production work also aimed to capture the feeling of hidden layers deeper rivers of emotion running through the players of this intense sport. The season follwing Fusion’s initial Grand Finals loss, we produced an opening hype film featuring footage from last season’s loss. You can see the expression on their faces as they get back in shape for the new season and try to carry on with their lives under the tremendous pressure of having millions of eyes now upon them awaiting their next move as a returning favorite in the sport. 


We loved working with the Overwatch League and the Fusion and wish them the best in their future careers. 


Client: Philadelphia Fusion
Production Studio: Pretty Damn Sweet
Director: Stephen Gifford
Creative Director: Dan Martin
Executive Producer: Brandon Rae, Kevin Sabbe, Rick Sebeck
Cinematography: Drew Saracco
Steadicam: Joe Hennigan
Producer: Jon Isen
Editor: Tim O'Neill
Editorial Support: Steve Chandler
Colorist: Dave Bauer
Original Score: Blair Brothers Music
Sound Design / Mix: Dan LaPorta