Beyond the Mask


Beyond the Mask

The Adobe MAX Creativity Conference is like no other. Tens of thousands of creative minds from around the world gather to create, play and learn from some of the most influential artists in the industry.  Pretty Damn Sweet had the continued honor of working alongside Adobe and PIX Productions to bring this event to life, creating content for a variety of screens across the show from the massive main stage opening spectacle to the vibrant community park experience. The opening film played on massive 30+ million pixel screens on the main stage at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. That’s no easy task working at 12,000 x 4,000 resolution - just think about those comps! The room was filled with artists, all with their phones out ready to capture the opening spectacle. We wanted to honor them by showcasing a variety of disciplines from hand-drawn illustrations, to rich 3D environments, and added in some whimsical characters to bring it all to life; all the while paying homage to the creative power of Adobe’s tools in our central design story.


Our film is process-driven, featuring visuals that designers will recognize from their own design process such as bounding boxes, anchor points, motion paths, canvas edges, layer orders, and even characters made up of design tool iconography. We even used wireframe passes from development and glitched renders that would have otherwise been tossed into the trash bin. Happy accidents became thoughtfully discovered and recreated to help tell our story. The motion of this film feels like you’re watching the creation of the film itself live on screen. It evolves before your eyes in a spectacle worthy of the human imagination and the process of turning that into art. This was just an absolute joy to make, and every time we watch the film we’re reminded of everything we love about being creatives.




Production Company:

PIX Productions

Adobe Head of Events:

Nicole Williams

Adobe Executive Creative Director:

Joe Buchwald

Executive Creative Director:

James Kern

Creative Director:

Stephen Gifford

Technical Director:

Rick Sebeck

Motion Studio:

Pretty Damn Sweet

Design and Animation:

Christopher Lee
Rory McLean
Jon Mayes
Tetiana Kalina
Damir Morpuro
Michael Batista
Alex Trimpe
Alan Kichl
Adam Elder


“Photograph” by Astronaut Club