Into the Machine


Into the Machine

Adobe and PIX Productions invited Pretty Damn Sweet to help create a visual journey across the scenic media for the Adobe MAX 2022 Creativity Conference, including an opening film and media for stage presentations. This was Adobe’s return to in-person events since 2019, so it was an opportunity to push the limits of creativity and remind ourselves of how impactful in-person events truly are.MAX is a celebration of creativity in all forms. With thousands of artists in attendance from all over the world, we wanted to capture the broadness of a variety of disciplines and pay homage to the incredible power of Adobe’s tools in our central design story.  In collaboration with our friends at PIX and the Adobe Events team, we created an opening film to act as our centerpiece and visually define what the rest of the media would be.


The moment of creation, the spark that sets an idea in motion where it becomes an artistic expression, and how that idea evolves on a journey through technology and collaboration that opens up new worlds of possibilities. Each scene of the film was used to create a backdrop for various moments of the on stage presentations, as well as some additional designs tailored to certain high impact moments.


For additional technical context, the stage had one of the largest pixel density LED screens on the market with our media delivered at a resolution of 8,800 x 3344 pixels fed through a disguise server to several massive 60 foot tall screens beautifully positioned on stage in the Peacock Theater in Downtown Los Angeles. For our math lovers out there that’s 29.5 million pixels per frame, times 30 frames per second, times 90 seconds is roughly 79,650,000,000 pixels rendered for the opener alone. Needless to say this was a massive render undertaking and we did not let that deter us from creating the most stunning moments of imagery we could imagine.




Production Company:

PIX Productions

Adobe Executive Creative Producer:

Nicole Williams

Adobe Creative Director:

Joe Buchwald

Executive Creative Director:

James Kern

Creative Director:

Stephen Gifford

Technical Director:

Rick Sebeck

Motion Studio:

Pretty Damn Sweet

Design and Animation:

Christopher Lee
Rory McLean
Alex Trimpe
Mario Domingos
Damir Morpuro
Alan Kichl
Rodrigo Miguel


“Talk About It” by Jungle