Journey Into Creativity


Working side by side with PIX Productions and the Adobe Events Team, Pretty Damn Sweet created an opening film and scenic media for the Adobe MAX 2022 Creativity Conference in Los Angeles. This marked Adobe’s return to in-person live events since 2019, so it was an exciting opportunity for all involved to wow the audience and remind everyone of the importance of in-person experiences. MAX is about creativity in all forms. Our concept for the film and subsequent media was to visually define the moment of creation, the spark that sets an idea in motion and becomes an artistic expression - whether that be drawing, painting, sculpting, singing, dancing, anything born from inspiration. Each moment visualizes a spark of creativity, represented by the cube-turned-triangle that gets passed from scene to scene fluidly. Moments of light and dark, some lively and some more quiet, showcasing a full range of emotion. We mixed different disciplines from hand drawn animation to photo-realistic cgi to represent the diversity in craft enabled through Adobe’s products. We aimed to create a singular journey through a limitless creative mind, set perfectly to the tune of “Talk About It” by Jungle. The rest of the show was an extension of that idea, some scenics stemming from worlds of the Opener, while others were new worlds on the same journey. The stage itself had one of the largest pixel density LED screens on the market, delivering a resolution of 8,800 x 3344 pixels fed to massive 60 foot tall screens. Kevin Hart nearly fell over backwards when he looked up at the SNEAKS media. “WOW. I THOUGHT THAT WAS REAL!” The experience in the room was an exciting, breathtaking return to the in-person world.

Client: Adobe

Production Company: PIX Productions

Adobe Executive Creative Producer: Nicole Williams

Adobe Creative Director: Joe Buchwald

Executive Creative Director: James Kern

Creative Director: Stephen Gifford

Technical Director: Rick Sebeck

Motion Studio: Pretty Damn Sweet

Design and Animation: Christopher Lee, Rory McLean, Alex Trimpe, Mario Domingos, Damir Morpuro, Alan Kichl, Rodrigo Miguel

Music: “Talk About It” by Jungle

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