In 2015, we worked on the award-winning feature length documentary The Freedom To Marry, directed by our friend and collaborator Eddie Rosenstein. The film beautifully strings together the 30-year journey of several key players in the same-sex marriage movement, spearheaded by Evan Wolfson of the organization Freedom to Marry, which culminated in a case at the US Supreme court. The moment the news broke, crowds erupted in tears. Our director Stephen Gifford led one of the production teams who captured the plaintiff storyline, remembering the wave of emotion that overcame everyone in the room. In the end, love won, as it always should and always will. We're so very honored to have been a part of this film, throughout the entire production, and post-production with our own Rick Sebeck leading the editorial and finishing. For those of you who haven't seen the film, treat yourselves to a heartwarming story with a real-life happy ending. Freedom to Marry is available on Netflix, Amazon Prime and iTunes. This video below is a standalone piece we did for the Freedom to Marry organization to celebrate their Supreme Court win.

Production Co: Eyepop Productions
Directed by: Eddie Rosenstein
Cinematography: Stephen Gifford
Post-Production Studio: Pretty Damn Sweet
Editor & VFX: Rick Sebeck, Stephen Gifford

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