Launch Film

Adobe Express

Launch Film
Adobe Express

We were invited by our friends Adobe and PIX PRODUCTIONS to create an opening film and graphics package for the launch of Adobe Express. This included a variety of long and short form stingers, bumpers, and transitions all based around the idea of an abstracted visualization of the customer experience using Adobe Express.

Adobe Express is a mobile and web app that brings together some of the best features of the Creative Cloud Suite, giving non-professionals the tools they need to bring their vision to life. To deliver on this product’s consumer value, we wanted to highlight ease of use with practical examples, while also showcasing its depth and creative prowess for more experienced users.


PDS created a process-driven launch video that brings to life some of the best features of Adobe Express. From the selection of design elements to the design exploration and layout stage, this video gives a taste of the feeling of what a customer experiences creating with this tool. Of course, we couldn’t resist pulling back the curtain for a bit of abstract fun and showing how we created the actual elements featured in the video, which acted as a subtle nod to the other Adobe tools we use throughout our own creativity process. This was super fun to create and we loved collaborating with Adobe and PIX Productions on this one.


Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Fresco were used to create the hand drawn watercolor elements. Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Stock and Elements, Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects were used for the majority of the edit and compositing. And C4D and Houdini were used for the cloth and paint simulations.




Production Company:

PIX Productions

Adobe Executive Creative Producer:

Nicole Williams

Adobe Creative Director:

Joe Buchwald

Executive Creative Director:

James Kern

Creative Director:

Stephen Gifford

Technical Director:

Rick Sebeck

Motion Studio:

Pretty Damn Sweet

Design and Animation:

Rodrigo Miguel
Amy DiLorenzo
Rory McLean
Dennis Dmitriev